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Need a quick loading home page, without pop-up ads and clutter?  You've come to the right place!
Choose from the following to find a home page that provides the best search engine along with the most popular sites, in a style that suits you.  Got an idea for a new variation? Send us an email.

jmroz Versions
Background Includes a soothing background image. Others: 1, 2, 3
Black White text with a black background.
Blue A version with blue tabs for navigation.
Classic The original jmroz.com.
Current Current version of jmroz.com.
Engineer A home page for Engineers.
C3 More Engineering links.
Fast Fastest loading full version.
Flowers Flower slide show.  Wait for the initial display.
Fun Different words each time you load the page.
Hope Different inspiring words each time you load the page.
Horizontal Horizontal version.
Left For left handed folks.
Memory Bible memory verses in a slide show.  Wait for the initial display.
Plain Nothing fancy, minimal links, no graphics, loads the fastest.
Sabres Buffalo Sabres links.
Slideshow Background images change throughout the day.  Wait for the initial display.
Vertical Vertical version.
Yahoo A Google search at the top of the Yahoo start page.
Zoom Simple, fast loading, with a dozen or so of the most popular links.
External Sites  
BuffaloScenicPrints Beautiful photos taken in and around Buffalo, NY.
ClarenceHome A home page for Clarence, NY.
EncouragingMale Encourage someone today with an EMale!
EO50 A home page for Engineers.
JforE A home page "Just for Engineering" (JustForEngineering.com).
JforN A home page "Just for Nursing" (JustForNursing.com).
JoesBigDeal Big shopping deals on the Internet.
MetroBuffalo A home page for Buffalo, NY.  See the Lake Erie background version.
MetroBuffalo Background MetroBuffalo.com with buildings in the background.
MetroBuffalo Change Changing logo each time the page is re-loaded.
MetroBuffalo Night Nighttime version of MetroBuffalo.com.
SavingsDiscovery Online shopping made easy.
Sploozle A fast loading home page for everyone (search plus links, SpluL.com).
YS50 "You Save Fifty" percent or more on many items (YouSaveFifty.com).
  Send us an idea for a variation: jmroz@hotmail.com

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